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INCOMETRIC FUND - TRITON (LF) Global Balanced Fund

 TRITON (LF) Global Balanced Fund is a sub-fund under the INCOMETRIC FUND umbrella managed by Adepa Asset Management S.A which is registered in Luxembourg. Adepa Asset Management S.A. has 30 years of experience in the Financial Sector and about 6 billion of assets under Services as of the 1Q 2015.

TRITON ASSET MANAGEMENT AEDAK has been appointed to act as Investment Manager of TRITON (LF) Global Balanced Fund. The fund is authorized in Luxembourg and regulated by (CSSF).

TRITON (LF) Global Balanced Fund is designed for investors seeking a balanced portfolio, combining a diversified range of growth and defensive assets with strong downside risk control.

Within the scope of the new regulatory framework MiFIID II [Directive 2014/65/EC – Regulation 600/2014] before making any transaction in units of UCITS it is necessary to have studied and understood the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) which includes information about the nature, characteristics and risks of your investment.  

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Class A ( ISIN LU 1389122992)
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Class B ( ISIN LU 1389123024)
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