enduring investment value!
An introduction to investing in mutual funds

Mutual funds provide a way for people to pool their money together to create a larger fund which is looked after by a professional fund manager. This fund is then divided into equal shares, called units.

Following the stock, bond or money markets and taking advantage of the best investment opportunities is a full time job requiring a great deal of knowledge, research and in-depth analysis. Many people do not have the time or expertise to undertake this. With mutual funds, professional fund managers and analysts do all this for you. You benefit from their expertise.

Our fund managers constantly review the selection of securities with the objective of maximising your return and determining the optimum portfolio mix. They use sophisticated market analysis tools and are able to move rapidly to take advantage of market movements as they arise.

Reducing the risk of investment

What's more, as your investment is pooled with that of other investors, you can benefit from investment in a much wider range of securities than would have been possible to do on your own. This reduces the risk of your investment as it lessens the effect volatility in any one share may have on the value of your investment.

How do they work?

You invest by buying units, so the number of units allocated to you depends on how much you have invested. To cash in your investment, you simply redeem them with us.

Our mutual funds are valued every dealing day. The value of the whole fund is divided by the number of units to establish the unit price. The unit price fluctuates daily. For more information call us at Triton Asset Management AEDAK, tel. +30 216 500 1800.