enduring investment value !

Who We Are

TRITON ASSET MANAGEMENT AEDAK was founded in 1991 and is one of the pioneers in the Greek mutual fund market. Combining new ideas and ever lasting investing values TRITON ASSET MANAGEMENT AEDAK now offers 6 mutual funds, equity, bond, balanced and money market funds in Greece and abroad.


Mutual Funds

Our Mutual Funds provide a range of investment options, offering different levels of risk and reward. Customers can choose which fund best suits their investment objectives, or use a number of funds to provide a balanced investment portfolio. Which ever one you choose, our aim is to maximize the return of each fund within its investment sector.


Asset Management

The portfolio management department of TRITON ASSET MANAGEMENT AEDAK creates investment portfolios for the personal needs and requirements of each investor.

We offer two types of investment services: a) Discretionary portfolio management and b) Advisory portfolio management, suitable for individual clients, companies/organizations, pension funds and insurance organizations.