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Triton Asset Management AEDAK

Triton Asset Management AEDAK with its long-lasting know-how and experience and with worldwide network  is in position to offer investment options both in Greece and abroad for each profile.

Key facts and figures

  • TRITON Asset Management AEDAK team consists of 31 employees, 18 of which are investment professionals with an average age of 43 years and on average 20 years of professional experience and 15 years with the company.
  • Custodian bank for mutual funds’ assets and portfolio management accounts is HBSC France. For Incometric Fund-Triton (LF) Global Balanced Fund the custodian bank is KBL EPB in Luxembourg.
  • Total AUM aprox. 400m Euros (30/09/2017)

Business Activities

  • We provide advisory and discretionary management services to institutional and private investors.UBS Bank Zurich , Societe General Bank & Trust Luxemburg and Banque Cantonale de Geneve are the custodian banks for portfolio management services offered abroad.
  • We manage 6 UCITS V compliant Mutual Funds in Greece and 1 UCITS V in Luxemburg investing in Greek and International Equities, Bonds, and Money Market Instruments.
  • We distribute Hsbc Global Investment Funds and Amundi Mutual Funds in the Greek market and the Incometric Fund-Triton (LF) Global Balanced Fund.


1991: Founding of Hellenobretaniki AEDAK by Mr. John Vezanis and the Hellenic-British Insurance Group.

1992: HSBC Bank (then Midland Bank) joins as a minority shareholder with 40% and the company is named Midland Hellenobretaniki AEDAK.

1999: HSBC Bank becomes the main shareholder of the Company by acquiring the share of Hellenic-British Insurance Group.

2006: Company obtains license to provide discretionary and advisory investment management services to institutional and private investors.

2013: In March 2013 the company becomes independent from HSBC as it is acquired by the founder and is renamed TRITON Asset Management AEDAK.


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